Harmonising Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe

European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) (Belgium)

EURASHEEURASHE is the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education that offer professionally-oriented programmes and are engaged in applied and profession-related research within the Bologna cycles’. Currently, more than 1,400 higher education institutions are affiliated to EURASHE. EURASHE is present in a great number of countries within and outside the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), mostly through National Associations of Higher Education Institutions and individual institutions (HEIs), such as Universities, (University) Colleges and Universities of Applied Sciences, as well as through other professional associations and stakeholder organisations active in the field of higher education.

Why we are participating in HAPHE

EURASHE’s mission is to represent the views of professionally-oriented institutions and programmes in the higher education systems in EHEA countries, whether these are binary (professional or vocational higher education) or unitary ‘university’ systems, professional and/or academic; to promote the interests of professional higher education in the EHEA and to contribute to the progressive development of the Area of Higher Education and Research (EHERA), and to continuously enhance the importance and the quality of professional higher education in Europe. In addition to offering professionally-oriented programmes, EURASHE members are specifically engaged in applied and profession-related research, and its technological applications.

Our role in the project

EURASHE, as umbrella representative organisation of higher education institutions that offer professional programmes, will take the lead in managing the HAPHE project. The Secretariat will be responsible for the daily management of the project, including submitting the progress and final reports as well as assuring that the qualitative outcome of the project is achieved.

Within the expertise of its Board, EURASHE will provide experts for the Expert Group on PHE. EURASHE Secretariat has considerable experience in dissemination activities, event coordination and publishing reports. It will thus ensure the coordination of these activities in the project.

EURASHE will coordinate WP 3 and WP 4, thus, aside from management responsibilities being responsible for:

  • Chairing the expert board
  • Coordinating the validation of the policy support tools
  • Co-authoring the final version of the main deliverables: the defining characteristics & quality criteria for PHE, and the implementation guides for HEIs and Policy Makers
  • Organising the stakeholder focus group
  • Organising the stakeholder validation seminar
  • Organising the launch conference

Our project team

The core team of EURASHE working on the HAPHE project includes 3 members: Stefan Delplace – Secretary General, Iva Voldánová – Project Associate and Marko Grdosic – Project Officer.

Stefan Delplace became the Secretary General of EURASHE in 2004, which he represents in the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) and several of its working and coordination groups, such as the working groups of ‘Structural Reform of European HE’ and of the ‘Reporting on the Implementation of the Bologna Process’.

He is also the representative of EURASHE in the ‘E4-Group’ (with ENQA, EUA, ESU), which received mandates from the ‘Bologna ministers’ to harmonise Quality Assurance through the creation of European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG), and the creation of the European Register for QA Agencies (EQAR). He has been a member of various Advisory and Expert groups of the European Commission and of stakeholders’ organisations in higher education (Business-Education Cooperation, the reform of the Jean Monnet programme, VET-HE Reference Group of the European Training Foundation, and the AHELO project of the OECD).

Stefan Delplace is a graduate of the University of Ghent (Languages and Business studies), and spent some time teaching (in-service training for companies, continuous education). He has run an international office of a University College for over 15 years, has also been involved in the evaluation of projects in both the Tempus and Socrates programmes, before specializing in policy towards and activities with partner countries of the EU (Tempus-Tacis & MEDA), and more recently in the implementation of the Bologna Process.

Iva Voldánová is a project associate at EURASHE. She is currently responsible for the follow-up and monitoring of the execution of a number of projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme, and assists the EURASHE Secretary General in drafting of policy documents, preparing the submission of new project applications, gathering information and liaising with prospective partners. Further she is responsible for representing EURASHE and European professional higher education, promoting the EURASHE network and liaising with members.

Previously, she has been a trainee at the DG Education and Culture, Higher Education Policy and Erasmus Unit and a consultant at Accenture Services in the Czech Republic. Iva Voldánová is currently a participant of EURASHE Working Groups on Employability and Internal decision making, political coordination and organisational development which aim at monitoring, execution and implementation of the work programme under all EURASHE Priorities. Iva Voldánová is fluent in Czech, Slovak, French, English and Spanish.

Marko Grdosic is a project officer at EURASHE. He is responsible for the day-to-day implementation and follow-up of the projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme. He is developing and coordinating EURASHE events, including the Annual Conference and the theme-focused seminars. Marko Grdosic is also representing EURASHE externally at various events and liaises with partners and stakeholders.

Before joining the EURASHE team, Marko Grdosic has been the President of the European Students’ Forum/AEGEE-Europe, representing the voice of students within the European and International Institutions. His experience is based on development of policies and lobbying for student rights, particularly in the field of active participation, citizenship and education. He speaks Croatian, English, Slovene, and has an advanced level of Swedish and Spanish.

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