Harmonising Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe

Knowledge Innovation Centre (KIC) (Malta)


The Knowledge Innovation Centre (KIC) is a dynamic consultancy focusing on knowledge brokerage and innovation of knowledge transfer processes. The Centre brings together a variety of local and European experts from a variety of fields, and has worked extensively within Higher Education, Policy Analysis and Knowledge Economy. The Centre has forged close relationships with a number of stakeholders in the fields of Regional Innovation and Higher Education and is active in leveraging such relationships to build multi-disciplinary, multi-country networks for knowledge transfer and capitalization.

Our role in the project

The Centre’s main contribution to the project is to serve as coordinator of the Dissemination WP which involves organising the centralised dissemination activities, author the dissemination report and impact audits, monitor all dissemination activities of the partners, and organise the Stakeholder Analysis of WP1 (Mapping Professional Higher Education in Europe). In addition, KIC Malta is providing technical support to all partners with regards to their work on their respective workpackages.

Other work on the project includes:

  • Support research activities by creating a national profile, and identifying institutions to participate in the survey;
  • Participate in the development of the policy support tools, by contributing an expert to the expert-group;
  • Organise a validation workshop amongst national stakeholders
  • Participate in national and international dissemination activities;
  • Participate in the launch conference.

Our project team

Dr. Justin Fenech graduated from the University of Malta as a Doctor of Laws (LLD). He was highly active in student representation, being elected as President of the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) and as Chairperson of the European Students Union (ESU). Through his endeavours he has gained considerable experience in multi-level stakeholder consultations at national and international levels.

In addition, Dr. Fenech, as a qualified and practicing notary specialising in work with NGOs, has consulted in the administrative and legal setup and initial networking strategies of a number of national and international organisations.

Dr. Fenech has given keynote speeches at conferences organised by the European Commission, UNESCO, OECD amongst others. He authored two articles on quality assurance in ICT Enhanced Learning: “E-Learning: A means to what end?” – Towards an E-learning Society – published by the European Commission; “ELearning: How can we achieve an effective and Qualitative Learning Experience?” – World Wide Work: Filtering of Online Content in a Globalised World – published by VU University Press, Amsterdam. He also oversaw the creation of European Register of Quality Assurance Agencies (EQAR) as a member of the E4 group and was commissioned by UNESCO to produce a research document on the use of the UNESCO/OECD Guidelines for Quality in Cross-border Higher Education.

Dr. Fenech has developed a quantitative methodology for stakeholder analysis and sustainability planning, based on best practice from the World Health Organisation and the World Trade Organisation. The Knowledge Innovation Centre has also developed software tools to support this.

More recently, Dr. Fenech has acted as managing director of the Knowledge Innovation Centre, and has authored a series of articles on the Bologna Process for the National Commission on Higher Education.

Mr. Anthony F. Camilleri is a tertiary education policy consultant. He holds qualifications in law from the University of Malta, and was also active in the Malta national students’ union and the European Students’ Union. He currently works on topics related to Quality Assurance of Higher and Vocational Education, Social Dimension of Education and Innovation in Education. He also deals with issues around Technology Enhancement of Educational Processes as a transversal theme across these areas. He is also a co-founder of the Knowledge Innovation Centre and currently manages the Company’s Research and Experts Pool.

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