Harmonising Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe

Work Programme

The HAPHE initiative was composed of 7 work packages, some transversal for the overall functioning of the initiative, others dedicated to the gathering and analysis of the data for example.

HAPHE Work Package 1: Mapping Professional Higher Education in Europe

The objectives of this work package were:

  • Survey the various definitions and practices of Professional Higher Education / Advanced Vocational Education in Europe;
  • Create a typology of PHE Provision across Europe;
  • Identify the main actors involved in PHE at European level;
  • Provide an evidence-base for the characterisation of PHE in work package 2.

This work package resulted in the PHE Country Profiles.

HAPHE Work Package 2: Characterising Professional Higher Education

The aims of the work package were to:

  • Capture and represent the views and attitudes of a wide-range of stakeholders towards PHE;
  • Propose a definition, framed as a set of defining characteristics of PHE;
  • Elucidate quality criteria for each defined characteristic of PHE.

It will identify stakeholders’ views towards PHE as well as define characteristics and Quality Criteria for Professional Higher Education.

HAPHE Work Package 3: Consensus Building through Validation

The aims of the work package were:

  • Validate the proposals made by the expert group in work package 2;
  • Achieve a critical mass of supporting opinion-leaders to jump-start adoption;
  • Identify challenges for implementation of the quality criteria at organisational and systemic levels.

Under this work package, partners have organised a Validation Seminar for EU StakeholdersNational/Regional Validation Workshops for Stakeholders as well as publishes the Validation Report Suggestions for Project Product Improvement.

HAPHE Work Package 4: Fostering Development of PHE as a Sector

The objectives of this WP were:

  • Publish a set of defining characteristics and associated quality criteria for the PHE Sector;
  • Propose implementation measures for PHE quality best practices;
  • Enable the use of soft legislative tools to stimulate the PHE sector as a whole.

Under this work package, partners have published the Final project report titled PROFESSIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION IN EUROPE – Characteristics, Practice Examples and National Differences which includes the following reports ;Defining characteristics and quality criteria for professional higher education, as well as the Implementation report for Professional Higher Education Institutions and the Implementation report for policymakers. At the end of the project, a Launch Conference was organised in Otočec, Slovenia where the final result and the roadmap for the future activities.

HAPHE Work Package 5: Message Management

The objectives of the work package were to:

  • Formulate and effectively communicate the project’s brand, identity and message to relevant stakeholders;
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the consortium’s dissemination strategy;
  • Provide creative and technical support to the partners in their dissemination activities;
  • Coordinate centralised dissemination action.

HAPHE Work Package 6: Quality & Evaluation Management

The objectives of the work package were to:

  • Ensure process and product quality;
  • Forecast and mitigate risks to project continuity;
  • Foster a quality culture amongst the consortium;
  • Check outputs against plans.

HAPHE Work Package 7: Consortium Coordination

The work package aimed to:

  • Ensure project deliverables are delivered on time;
  • Monitor risks and analyse project milestones;
  • Ensure smooth day to day running of the consortium
  • Manage communication within the consortium and between the consortium and the Commission.

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