Harmonising Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe

Profile of Professional Higher Education in Europe

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This report presents a comprehensive survey of the legal landscape and stakeholder perceptions of Professional Higher Education in 15 countries across Europe. It attempts to find harmonising elements between the different systems, thus setting the groundwork for a harmonised European concept of Professional Higher Education.

The report can be downloaded free of charge, by clicking here.


Chapter 2 Foreword – introduces the topic from a theoretical basis, based on the experiences of EURASHE in operating in the sector

Chapter 3 Characterising PHEconsiders the different national definitions of PHE, as well as the constituent factors which are said to make up PHE across the continent

Chapter 4 Organisation & Structure of PHE – focuses on the type of institutions providing PHE, the qualifications offered by them and their systems of funding

Chapter 5 Teaching PHE – looks at curriculum design, collaboration with employers and staffing requirements as elements of the successful provision of PHE

Chapter 6 Research in PHE – makes an overview of national requirements for research in PHE, as well as availability of funding for research of PHE across Europe

Chapter 7 Recognition & Transferability – considers whether education in professionally oriented and academically oriented HE is considered to be equivalent, from the perspective of transferability between cycles.

Chapter 8 Concluding Remarks – takes a look at current trends in European Education & Training which may affect the character, nature and/or profile of Professional Higher Education in the coming years.

Throughout the chapters, several case studies are presented to further deepen the discussion on the areas.

Creative Commons Licence This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. © EURASHE 2013.
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