Harmonising Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe

PHE Characteristics Framework

The framework supplements the definition by clarifying how the professional nature of HE expresses itself through various characteristics of Higher Education. The characteristics do not attempt to describe a professional HEI, but rather are applicable to units of education, most typically courses or programmes within HE.

The framework is made up of three variables:

  • Characteristic: this is simply the name of the indicator
  • Description: this merely describes what is meant by the indicator
  • Core Criterion: This sets out the minimum requirement the educational experience must adhere to, so as to be considered professional higher education

The defining characteristics are divided into three sections:

  • Policy & Strategy – How is PHE embedded and represented in the overall strategic framework and policies of higher education institutions?
  • Teaching & Learning – How is teaching and learning influenced through specific characteristics of PHE?
  • Research, Developement and Innovation – How is Research integrated as part of a sustainable PHE, recognising that it might differ from level to level and is not implemented in all institutions yet?
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