Harmonising Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

How are RDI integrated as part of a sustainable PHE, recognising that they might differ from level to level?


CharacteristicDescriptionCore Criterion 
RDI AgendaThe scope of the RDI activityThe RDI agenda is informed by the world of work in order to meet the needs of society and of the world of work.
RDI ProcessThe way RDI meets the needs of society and the world of workResearchers seek and provide input from and to the world of work and value stakeholdersÂ’ requests and contributions. The RDI process respects the nature of the inputs and can include various types of research activities and scholarship.
RDI Outputs and OutcomesThe expected result of RDIRDI outcomes aim to be relevant to the world of work, and society. In addition to traditional outputs, such as licenses, patents and publications, RDI outcomes are solution-oriented with tangible benefits for the world of work and society.
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