Harmonising Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe

Teaching and Learning

How is teaching and learning influenced through the specific characteristics of PHE?

CharacteristicDescriptionCore Criterion 
Methods of Curriculum DevelopmentThe process of design and development of:
- learning outcomes
- curricula
- methods of learning and assessment
Curricula are developed by academia in collaboration with stakeholders, in particular from the world of work, taking into account the future needs of the practice and context of employment.
Learning OutcomesWhat a learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do as the result of a process of learningThe learning outcomes reflect essential knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the specific professional requirements, but should not be limited to this. In addition, students acquire professional and life skills which enable them to act successfully, in an innovative and self-organised way in a changing work environment. The involvement of students in research, development and innovation activities leads them to better professional practice.
Content for Teaching and LearningContent for Teaching and LearningThe learning content is productively integrating theory and practice as the basis for complex problem-solving in real work situations. The content is informed by the latest research, trends and references from both the world of work and academia.
Learning MethodologyThe learning methodology comprises:
- the learning design
- the assessments needed to achieve the learning outcomes
The learning methodology comprises methods of active, collaborative and self-organised learning and while focusing on experience based learning methods including but not limited to simulation based learning (SBL), scenario based learning (SceBL), problem based learning (PBL), or any other authentic learning situations. Both formative and summative assessments should reflect the nature and methodology of the specific PHE learning environment.
Learning EnvironmentThe surroundings and conditions in which learning takes placeThe learning environment includes experience within Institutions as well as outside, in the world of work. Significant practice phases and/or job experiences serve to reflect theory in a practical context.
Programme TeamAll persons involved in the design, delivery and assessment of learning, including visiting lecturers, professionals and support staffAt the programme level, the team shows a combination of academic background and relevant experience from the world of work.
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